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      Unleash the ultimate quality

      The perfect combination of aesthetics and quality


      Link the world Drive the future

      Welcome to



      Jiaoxing Transmission was born in 1985. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing high-precision and high-efficiency reducer products and overall transmission solutions for the industrial transmission field in line with the mission of "connecting the world and driving the future". Create value for users in the transmission industry, and promote the overall development of the transmission industry through continuous technological innovation and change, and save resources for the society.

      After years of continuous development and precipitation, the company has 223 employees, including 32 professional technical research and development teams, and has developed precision planetary gears, precision double-lead, quasi-double-sided gears, and planetary bevel stepless gears for global channel users. Transmissions and other series of reducer products have been successfully used in the food, environmental protection, medical, mining, petroleum machinery and solar energy industries.

      Jiaoxing Transmission will adhere to the "precision reducer" focus strategy from the perspective of the future, establish a complete sales channel and service network worldwide, and provide users in the global transmission industry with the best reducer products and transmission solutions.


      12000 hours

      Continuous and reliable operation

      Special pressure technology for no oil leakage of reduction box

      36 craftsmanship

      Real-time monitoring system for manufacturing quality

      Nearly stringent quality inspection process


      Link the world Drive the future
      China Machine Tool Exhibition


      the ultimate technology


      • Qingdao Industrial Expo
      • Shanghai PTC
      • Tianjin International Trade Fair
      • Xi'an Industrial Expo

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